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We at This Agency create innovative, smart, weird, fun, quirky and funtastic brand experiences. Purpose at the base, with Fun as the cherry on top. Find our services below. 👇🏼


Creative brand strategy
and positioning

Working on the “how” surrounding your brand strategy is what we provide. The reason a customer would prefer your brand over another. Through this positioning we will guarantee your brand has unique selling points that convey your value proposition.


Brand design and
visual identity

From your logo to your colour choices, we can design it for you. Strong visuals are a true asset to your brand that we can deliver. Building your brand, together, from scratch.


Creative concept

A unifying theme that can be used across all campaign messages, calls to actions, communication channels and audiences. One fun, smart, overarching ‘big idea’, that’s what our creatives are for.



We offer a process of creating and maintaining consistency within your brand messaging across multiple channels, digital or traditional. Using a variation of methods to advertise and promote the same content will make a lasting impact on the consumer.


Creative production

The bringing to life of the concept. This involves research, planning, design and execution. Making the ideas tangible. We work with different partners to ensure the best results.


Graphic design and
print management

We provide the art of combining text and pictures in advertisements. The skill of making ideas look good. We also offer to manage the printing across your organisation.


Illustration and

Our inhouse designers (or external forces) are able to work on the visual side of your brand. We provide icons, animations, illustrations,a logo-development, etc.


Social media

The ongoing process of creating and scheduling content designed to grow and nurture an audience across social media platforms is something we have to offer you. We want to make your brand visible across all channels.


Digital campaign

This service consists of a series of marketing-related activities brought to a specific audience through digital channels. These are planned and executed to achieve the best results for your business.


About us

Van Ostadestraat 149a,
1073 TK Amsterdam
Phone: +31 6 45 30 24 52


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